A Video for CSMs: Why the Little Things Matter Most

The foundation for customer success begins with increasing the amount of customers who use and continue using your product. It’s important to focus on each detail of your customer success strategy in order to make sure you have high retention rates among your customers. At times it can be challenging to figure out a strategy that works for your company, and that’s when we look to the experts for their insight.

Malcolm Gladwell is widely known for his uncanny ability to analyze business, human relations and the factors of success. Gladwell takes the stage in this interesting video lecture and offers fascinating stories that provide a glimpse into the developing world of customer success. Bringing in various historical examples, he discusses the power of directing your company’s focus on the customer, and leaving it there. The lecture includes excerpts and stories from the bestselling book “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference”.

Taking the time to watch this video can definitely benefit every customer success manager out there no matter how experienced or inexperienced. I know I definitely learned a lot.

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