What Does Freddie Mercury and Your Customers Have in Common

I want it All! And I want it now!

We live in an ever-quickening world; nowadays customers want to see immediate results. Long-term incentive programs that yield little motivation along the way are likely to deter buy-ups and repeat customers. Our product needs to be suited to the desires of the clients. And what the customer desires is results.

So as a CSM, what are your solutions to such a problem? Here are my 3 problem solving tips:

– Reduce Customer Effort Levels – Make your product easy to use and the customers will use it time and time again!

Ensure Customers Continually Receive Value from Your Product– Never leave a customer second guessing if the product is working for him/her. Make sure they have no doubts of the instant and long term gains of your product and by doing this you are guaranteed to burn the churn!

– Make Self-Service Attractive & Simple – Help the customer help themselves. The demand for self-service is on the rise. Let your customer feel in control of the outcomes of the product and satisfy their need for instant gratification.


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