Tired Looking for Customer Success Articles? The Best Ones are Here!

Is your company still product-centric (P.C)? That’s not good at all. When you are P.C, you are actually money-centric. This means that your top priority is earning more money, usually on the expense of your customers. You charge more for your product and spend less on customer services, tech support and other facilities, thinking that this is the best way to move forward.

Obviously, this is not the way to go. By centering your organization on the customers, you may earn less at the beginning of the process, but as you shift your attention to the satisfaction of your customers, you will notice that your revenues are rising, churn rates are dropping and business are better than ever.

Here are my top 5 Customer success articles for the passing week. I hope they will help you make the transition toward customer-centric organization.

5 Customer Success Companies To Fight Against Zombie Revenue

As a SAAS company, you are probably cloud based, but even if you’re not – your activity relays on huge data bases, and when a customer leaves, there is always a trail. This trail “steals” storage room, and there for costs money. Join GainSight, Totango and others, to see what you can do about it.


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CSM: Help Execs be Strategic and Strategic Only!

As a CSM you are probably already an expert on customer advocacy, satisfaction, boosting up-sells etc. But, according to Tushar Jha, your real potential is not yet fulfilled – as a CSM you have the ability to influence your executives and help them build a long term strategic relationships with the customers, and not only a tactical short-run transactions.

3 Types of Customer Stories That Are Probably Missing From Your Sales Onboarding

One of the best techniques to make customer success cover its own expenses is through customer advocacy. Instead of wasting money on elaborate commercials and campaigns, use your                    customers’ success speak for itself. Diane presents in her great article the three most important geners of customer success stories. Enjoy!

Hack Me Baby One More Time

Customer success is one of the best growth tools available today. It helps you monitor your customer life cycles, satisfaction and productivity better and thus enables you to personalize your product to fit the needs of your customers. Join Nicole and find out what are her top 5 growth “hacks” using Customer success


Why Write When You Can Capture?

Everybody knows the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and in the social-networks era, I estimate the amount of words has increased! (Even though twitter limits you to 140 notes). This awesome infographic explains the main thing about churn – it’s a serious disease, but a curable one. You must learn to diagnose it in its early stages.



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