The Greatest Ever – The Ultimate Customer Success Multimedia Library

Here are the top 9 infographics and videos I’ve collected and shared on this blog over the years. Each one carries an important message any customer success manager can benefit from.

 1. The countdown of the 10 Oscar-Worthy Emerging Trends in Customer Success

Our countdown of our top 10 Oscar-Worthy trends in Customer Success; the biggest and best emerging trends in the field.

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2. The Anatomy of a Connected Customer


3. Will Customer Success Managers Make More Money in 2016?

It’s always fun to analyse predictions we made to see if they came true. How has your 2016 been so far?


4. If You Leave Me Now, You’ll Take Away the Biggest Part of Me

Breaking down the churn: Why CSMs are so important.


5. Still Product Centric? The Importance Becoming Customer-Centric to Your Company Mentality

Why being Customer-Centric in the age of the customer is a recipe for success.

6. Hungry for Customer Success?

Make Sure the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!


7. Great Slideshare Presentation: If You Can’t Say It – Quote It!

A great collection of motivational quotes to inspire any customer success manager!


8. 10 Powerful Practices for Customer Success in Enterprise Business Applications

Ensuring your customers are successful when using their new or their newly migrated enterprise business software is no easy task. In this video, you can find 10 great ways to guarantee they stick around.


9. April Fool’s Day: Why Customer Success Is So Important

Sometimes keeping it simple is best.


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