The Best of the Best – My Weekly Round-Up

After the first 2 weeks of 2016, many of us are already giving up on some of our new years’ resolutions. Maybe it’s too cold to wake up for gym, or that extra bite of cake is just too tempting; but here is my message for you all: Don’t let your customer success resolutions fall into the same trap! Here are my 6 favorite articles from the past week to help inspire and motivate for the challenges ahead. Feel free to engage and ask questions, or simply just share if you enjoyed the post.


Customer Success Swiss Army Knife for Your Sales Funnel

A great article by the one and only Lincoln Murphy, where he explains how Customer Success can be instrumental in optimizing the Sales Process. This article puts the notion that customer success and sales are on two different sides of the company strategy. Particularly liked the way Murphy highlights that Customer Success is “a Treasure Trove of Sales-Accelerating Customer Intelligence”.


5 Steps to Establish a Successful Knowledge Transfer Bet

On a similar line of thinking to the previous article, we delve further into the link between sales and Customer Success, with this piece by Burke Alder. The 5 step-program presented in this article will help create the link-up between your Sales Department and your CSMs that are critical in creating a winning formula.


Improve Your Onboarding Practices for Customer Success

A very entertaining and enlightening article by Peter Armaly, on the onboarding process, how to ensure successful customer onboarding, and why it is critical for customer success. With topics such as; “Onboarding is the First Step on the Customer Journey,” “How Onboarding Affects Renewal” and “How Improving Your Process Involves Everyone,” this is not an article to be missed.


6 Customer Onboarding Mistakes to Steer Clear of

Acquiring a customer and then providing less than great onboarding, is like scaling a wall only to jump back down once you’ve reached the top. In this article, we collected the top mistakes customer success managers can make when onboarding new customers. These 6 pitfalls include making a promise you can’t deliver on, ignoring analytics, and having a slow response time.


The First Question on the Customer-Centric Journey: Who is Your Customer?

Tony Ulwick details in this article the “Customer-Centric Journey” and provides guidelines on effective customer identification. He divides the customers into 3 main types and makes things a lot simpler for CSMs. But don’t let me spoil the article for you; give it a read!


How Leaders Should Ground Business Strategy in Customer Success

A great piece of writing by Christine Crandell, detailing how business plans need specific goals or objectives for customer success, and how performance against measurable objectives is the prime indicator of whether the related goal is being achieved. Thoroughly enjoyed it!


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