Still Product Centric? The Importance Becoming Customer-Centric to Your Company Mentality

Why Customer Success? Because doing the same thing and expect different results, in the words of Albert Einstein, is insanity. The market is changing fast and now, more than ever, SaaS businesses are transforming their whole way of thinking. Nowadays, the customer is taking center stage, and the product is in orbit. Just like the planets revolve around the sun.

Marisa Peacock, in her great article for CMS Wire, elaborates the subjects and clarify exactly what does it mean to be a “customer-centric” company. Step by step, as you can see in this infographic that accompanies the article (by monteate,) Maria shows the importance of this vital change in your business mentality, dividing your customers to three categories: the “meh”, the “good” and the “great,” and demonstrates how every type affects you differently.

Product-centeric? Time to transform!


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