Customer Success Team Excellence – What You Need to Know

At the conceptual level, customer success team excellence simply means creating a team that is very good at engaging your organization’s target customers. Whether it’s acquiring new clients or keeping the old ones content, a well established customer success department is one that is simply capable of keeping your organization’s customers, happy content and eager

WalkMe at Customer Success Summit 2015

Customer Success Summit 2015,  taking place March 23-24 in San Francisco, is the industry-leading Customer Success event for SaaS and subscription businesses. It will bring together executives, thought-leaders, and practitioners of Customer Success all in one place. We would like to invite you to meet with the WalkMe team and see for yourself how simple and easy online self-service is no

The Complete Customer Lifecycle Management Overview

Profitability and business growth depends on how effectively a business associates with its customer base, during the acquisition, prospecting and sale process. Customer interaction is a kind of business interface that is unlimited to all departments. It spans across all departments of the company and involves all moving parts of the business machinery. Customer Lifecycle

How Customer Success Managers can Overcome the Software Upgrades and Updates Challenge

* This article is part of a White Paper called “How to Tackle the Top 5 Pain Points of Customer Success Managers.” The common issue with all software solutions is the fact that new functionalities need to be added because of changes in market trends and technology improvements. For a SaaS business, both updates and

Tools Telcos and CSPS Must Use if They Want to Make Online Self-Service Effortless

  * This article is part of a White Paper called “What Telecom Customers Expect from Your Website and how to Exceed Their Expectations.” Here are 5 tools you should be using (or carefully consider if you don’t) that will make your Online Customer Experience effortless and thereby successful. 1. Twitter A Coleman Parkes survey

5 Customer Success Management Predictions for 2015

Customer success management is all about making conscious choices to actively manage customer relationships for the betterment of the company. After all, simply acquiring customers is not enough in today’s competitive world, it is necessary to know how to manage them well too so that they can be retained. In fact customer management is the

10 Tips to Exceed Your Telecom Customers’ Online Experience

* This article is part of a White Paper called “What Telecom Customers Expect from Your Website and how to Exceed Their Expectations.” The Telcom industry has become a commodity product—all now offer pretty much the same handsets and pretty much the same monthly prices. So focusing on service can help you obtain and retain

What is Customer Success and Why it Matters

* This post was inspired by Lincoln Murphy’s excellent article which you can read in full here. Customer success is a holistic, proactive and organization level approach which leverages technology. In addition to that, it uses real time visibility into the health of the customer. In fact, it ensures that your customers including those who