6 Tips To Win at User Engagement from SaaS Experts

If you’ve taken the time to do your reading about SaaS, you’ll know that User Engagement is an essential part of the Customer Success Lifecycle. CEOs and Entrepreneurs have often lamented how business’ focus so much on acquiring new customers, that they forget they have paying customers on board who are consistently increasing their revenue

Getting Onboarding Right: Putting in Place the Foundation for Customer Success

Last week, the 2016 Customer Success Summit took place in San Francisco, getting customer success experts from all across the country under one roof, sharing insights and ideas. One of the most memorable talks at the conference during the Breakout Session was led by Emilia D’Anzica, VP of Customer Engagement at WalkMe. D’Anzica, a Totango

April Fool’s Reminiscing: The Amazon Dash Button

Retaining your customers takes attention, creativity and most importantly – innovation. Without these key tactics retaining your customers may not be as easy, and without those loyal and dedicated customers, a company’s success may plummet. Customers enjoy feeling valued, and when companies go above and beyond in order to provide them with the best experience

5 Tricks of the Upselling and Cross-Selling Trade

Turning customers into loyal brand supporters requires the establishment of long-term relationships. In fact, the probability of selling to an existing customer, either through upselling or cross-selling, is 60-70% versus a 5-20% probability of selling to a new prospect. Up-selling involves offering your client a higher-end version of the product they are already interested in

The Greatest Ever – The Ultimate Customer Success Multimedia Library

Here are the top 9 infographics and videos I’ve collected and shared on this blog over the years. Each one carries an important message any customer success manager can benefit from.  1. The countdown of the 10 Oscar-Worthy Emerging Trends in Customer Success Our countdown of our top 10 Oscar-Worthy trends in Customer Success; the biggest