On MVPs and CSMs – 6 Articles You Must Read This Week

Super bowl, stealing customers and the churn demons, this week we truly had it all! I always feel that it is refreshing to look at a concept from a new perspective. The articles I have selected to share with you this week look at the Customer Success field from a variety of different angles and gave a whole new point of view on the issues that face us.

4 Ways Customer Onboarding Is the Secret to Startup Success

A great article by AARON AGIUS! Customer Success starts from the moment that the client begins the Onboarding process; unsuccessful onboarding will lead to churn later on. Therefore, for startups in particular, ensuring strong customer onboarding is a secret to success.


CSM from the Trenches – 5 Habits to Become a Proactive  

While we’re on the subject of the trenches, I feel that this Winston Churchill quote aptly fits the occasion:

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchill.

Straight from the trenches, Sam Feil, shares his insights into the everyday workings of a CSM and the 5 effective habits that are a must for any Customer Success Manager.


How to Arrive at the Super Bowl of Customer Success

Although the Super Bowl has come and gone and left Panthers fans heartbroken, I nevertheless loved this article about the Super Bowl of Customer Success. I wonder who the MVP would be?


Lessons Learned by Fortune 500 Enterprises who Have Suffered High Customer Attrition Rate

Lessons to be learned from some of the biggest disappointments in customer success field- the companies that failed to heed the signs and paid dearly.  My latest blog on lessons we can learn from Blockbuster, MySpace and Microsoft.


5 Best Practices to Decrease Customer Churn

I have previously attempted to get the hashtag #BurnTheChurn trending, sadly I was unsuccessful.  Burke Alder is correct when he describes how the word “churn” makes any CSM cringe. In the article he isolates 5 practices in which we can decrease Customer Churn.


The Risk (and Opportunity) in Stealing Customers

The one and only LINCOLN MURPHY discusses the best practices in decreasing churn rates, and contemplates on whether you should celebrate that you’re stealing your competitor’s customers… or is it a huge red flag?

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