My Top Customer Success Articles This Month

What happens when an unstoppable force comes in contact with an immobile object? Think about it for a second.

As the customer success field gets bigger and more significant, more and more companies search for new and innovative ways to make their customer success teams stand out. This is why you must choose wisely your Customer Success Manager. Only an assertive, imaginative and inspiring person can occupy this positon properly, and take you to new heights.

This week you will have a real treat – I have assembled for you the top customer success articles I found online, so you too can become that unstoppable SaaS company, which shines and rises above all:

1. 5 tips you just can’t afford to miss!

After interviewing several major league marketing experts, Liz Pochop gathered their top key advices regarding the subject of company growth and boosting adoption rates, all emphasizing the great importance of customer success. The best tip given there is that when you’re doing it right- customer success pays itself.


2. Customer success tutorial – Joel York is doing it right

After exploring the customer lifecycle and customer acquisition in his previous articles, this time Joel York puts the spotlight on customer success, and explains how every step in the long journey you embark on with you customer is crucial for your joint long-term relationship


3. The Vocabulary of Customer Success: a Language of Love

When talking about sales, commissions or just plain money, it is only reasonable that we would use a more aggressive tone, meaning that we would want to seize the opportunity, or fight our competitors, things like that. But when talking about customers, we must understand that our subject is now, well, human. As a result, we must change our tone to a more relaxed, gentle one, and speak in the customer success language.


4. 4 powerful Customer Success questions that saved a $100,000+ account

Knowledge is power, and in this case, the more knowledge you acquire about your unsatisfied customer who are close to churn, the more alternative ways you come up with in order to change their minds. By categorizing the issues on hand, letting the customer release some steam and trying to find a suitable solution together, you might even make him or her your greatest advocator!


5. Up Yours, Customer Success Managers. Hey, I’m Referring to Upselling!

Another great article by Jodi Schechter, regarding the hottest topic of the customer success community: should CRM annex and manage more responsibilities? When talking about up-sells, her answer is a definitive “yes,” and I must agree: Upsell = Usage + Value. In other words, the upsell comes from continuous use, and therefore increases value.


6. Search and destroy – don’t miss the red flags!

During our customer lifecycle, there are many red lights that lit up, such as a drop in activity levels or noticing a visit to the cancellation page. You must know how to recognize the warning signs, before the customers churn levels skyrocket, and you find yourself facing customers leaving.


7. Infographic of the month

Always wanted to enhance your upselling- cross-selling potential? Have you tried promoting new services to existing customers, and failed? Here are 13 awesome tips on how to use customer success in order to make your relationships with your customers more profitable.


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