This Month’s Top Customer Success Articles

Welcome to another list of top customer success articles! This month, we dive deep into the importance of CSM for SaaS growth and startups in general. Learn about internal communication among the different departments, and how marketing and success can work together. In addition, take a look at the interesting research about customer loyalty, and how it can be used to increase adoption.

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1. Fake Loyalty

Customer loyalty is not just a buzz word. It is a process of carefully building a connection that results with the customer engaging with the company themselves. This is the end goal for every customer success manager.


2. The Most Effective Ways to Create Long-Term Customer Success

Win over your competitors with this step-by-step guide on building long lasting relationships with your customers. You can then leverage those relationships in order to facilitate more cross selling and up selling.


3. How and When to Scale Your Customer Success Team

Understand the 3 factors that facilitate a powerful scaling process for you and your team. The author focuses on the more challenging B2B landscape, and details the different measurable data that you can use to define your success.

4. 6 Keys of Customer Success

A must read for those of you in SaaS and subscription based revenue models. The article links your customer success performance with the overall growth of the company. Adhere to these 6 keys of customer success and watch your success increase.


5. 5 Ways to Improve Internal Communication Around Customer Success

A great resource to find out more practical ways to make your customer success team better at what they do. An interesting take here is that the discussion revolves around other departments as well. The key is to foster internal communication to boost customer success.

6. Farm Don’t Hunt: The Definitive Guide to Customer Success

This one is a little different from the other articles on this list, it is a book review on Farm Don’t Hunt: The Definitive Guide to Customer Success. It investigates into the internal mechanisms of customer success, and brings new ideas on how to cultivate subscription revenue models.


7. 4 Important Post Implementation Customer Success Milestones

Another crucial article for SaaS companies, it is critical to set up a clear success strategy. In addition, it’s important to measure progress using milestones and checkpoints so that the customer success team will be able to self-evaluate, and build better team work.


 8. Create a Burden Free Customer Adoption Process

What does it take to keep customers engaged, and continue using your product on a long term basis? There are many marketing strategies that reel in customers and introduce them to your product. Creating an effective customer adoption process is necessary in order to succeed in the market, and stand out from your competitors. There are several key components needed to create an effective and burden free customer adoption process.



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