The Anatomy of a Connected Customer

Many times I face the question “what makes Customer Success different from the other SaaS company departments”. The way I see it, is that unlike other professions, that are already well-defined and outlined, customer success cannot be chained to one specific field. And if you are customer-centric, it will always find a way to “invade” other parts of your company.

By breaking down the customer anatomy, you can see clearly what I am talking about. Getting to know your customers’ needs and desires, helps you design your products and services better and become more adapted to your clientele. You must address every part in your customer’s personality, if you are to achieve a long and fruitful relationship with him.

Take a closer look at this great infographic, and try to think – “does my company really implements all the right techniques?”  Find use of the great tips that are hidden in every “organ”.  Research is the first step. Success is the second one.


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