If You Leave Me Now, You’ll Take Away The Biggest Part of Me

In the life of every Customer Success Manager (CSM), no matter how great, you’ll find at least one major “breakup”. And when it happens, it’s almost as if you can hear him or her singing the tear-jerking hit “If You Leave Me Now” by “Chicago” in the office corridor.

And rightly so. Churn is like a highly contagious disease that has the ability to slow down your whole operation. But, the good news is that just like every other disease, it can be discovered before it spreads, and believe it or not, it’s curable! The medicine, as you’ve probably already guessed, is a good Customer Success strategy.

In this awesome infographic, Dan Steinman demonstrates how you can diagnose problems that arise in your customer experience before they reach the risk group. Sometimes, a survey is more than enough, but usually, your customers just don’t understand the value they gain from your product – the higher their productivity, the more loyal they become.

Don’t let your customers run away. Keep your customers close. And keep the customer’s on the edge of churn, even closer.

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See the rest here: Gainsight_Diagnosing_Churn_Infographic


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