Great Video: What Mulan Can Teach Us about Customer Success

Whenever someone was asking me: “Mark, what do you mean when you say you measure your customer’s success as your own?, I wasn’t really sure how I can provide a clear answer that will also drive people to act the same way.

Simple answer like “customer satisfaction leads to greater customer loyalty” or “customer efficiency reduces your spending on customer services” just couldn’t do. In order to become truly great customer success managers, we must deeply comprehend this vision of the relationship with the customer.

Surprisingly, I found the perfect example of the customer success manager- customer relationship in the most unpredictable place, while watching the Disney classic “Mulan.”

If you think about it, Mulan is a customer, in need for help and guidance. Mushu, dubbed by one of my favorite actors Eddie Murphy, is you, the customer success manager, which would do anything in order to see its customers achieve their goal. Mulan’s objectives are Mushu’s objectives, therefore, her triumph is his triumph as well.

I invite you to watch this movie again, and witness one of the greatest customer success managers in the cartoon world. Now, it’s up to us to bring this vision to the real world.



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