Earning Customer Loyalty – The Complete Guide

Building customer loyalty is hard; but it is would eventually result in establishing credibility and trust to your business. Most of the marketers might have already experienced at some point that, it is one thing to gain customers and another entirely different task to retain them. Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty should be your prime concern or those customers for whom you worked hard to hook might vanish even before you know they are gone.

Earning Customer Loyalty – The Complete Guide

1) Be transparent

In order to build a strong relationship with your customers, it is highly important that you be fair and transparent with your customers. Instead of denying the problem if any, it is advised that you be honest with your customers and convey the news clear and plain to them. This is what that differentiates the successful businesses from the rest.

2) Excellent Customer Service

Although this might sound obvious, it deserves a mention in here. Because by providing a friendly and excellent customer service you create loyal customers that hang on to you even in the long run. Also, this avoids negative word-of-mouth and sets your company positively apart from the competition. In order to improve your customer service, it is important that you listen patiently to your customers and address their concerns carefully. Also, make it easy for them to reach the correct representative without much fuss.

3) Gather email addresses

One of the easiest and worthy way to keep in touch with customers constantly is through email. After you complete your deal or sale with your customer, ask for their email address so that after the sale, you can ask how their experience was. Also you can use email as a medium to keep your customers aware of your new products and updates. Reviews provided after the sale can prove to be a game changer as it not only improves customer satisfaction but also keeps your customers content and happy.

4) Use Social Proof

Social proof is something that creates a positive influence when someone finds out your company does something truly credible. It is a wonderful way for new customers to get to know about your company and product. There are 3 ways that brands follow typically to achieve social proof.

  • Expert: Statistics and details shared by a credible person
  • Celebrity: Celebrity endorsements are always a wonderful way to attain credibility
  • ¬†User Testimonials: Reviews left by users on popular sites adds weight like nothing else

5) Never neglect existing customers

When you are busy trying to gain new customers, it might often happen that you forget your existing customers. This might look to be a small mistakes, but what you are going to lose through this is immense. Never frustrate your existing customers and make sure that your services/products do not diminish over time.

6) Get Personal

Researches have proved that personalized emails have a reply rate of 10 times over than impersonal rates and you end up signing the deal 6 times more. Personalizing email can be done by addressing the customers name,sending them wishes on their birthday or offering them a gift coupon on their wedding anniversary/ the day they became your customer. Customers highly appreciate the personalized messages that they receive from you and it creates a sort of emotional bond between you that is worthy to both of you.

7) Surprise them

Always remember, it is the small and unexpected things you do that makes the customers come back for you. For example, when you have kept the customer waiting for a long time, and you know that they are hungry, order them a pizza. And within 30 minutes, you get to see pure excitement on their face. These are the simple steps that require minimal effort from your side but still end up with a high positive quotient.

8) Spend more time with customers

Talking to customers is always encouraged as long as you know how to talk and this can serve multiple purposes. For example, you can start with asking your customer how and what made them become your customers in first place. This information can be useful in generating future content and campaigns for marketing. Also, you can ask them to share testimonials or offer to create case studies. This also serves the purpose of keeping your past customers happy because you are actually taking time to listen to their stories and needs.

9) Be reliable

Try to earn a reputation for being dependable and consistent in customer service. This means, of you promise to deliver a product in 3 days, make sure that the delivery occurs within the stipulated time. Deliver what you promise without fail and if something changes or you face a setback due to unforeseen problems, let your customers be aware of this and be open with them,

10) Offer Incentives

Everyone loves incentives and your customers are no exception. You want to provide a reason to your customers for coming back to you. And that is exactly where incentives come into play. Offer them a discount on their next purchase of give them a free drink after their third purchase or offer them a free ride home after their tenth purchase. Incentive can be anything and can be offered in any way. But make sure they are worthy for your customers.

11) Offer a loyalty program

Reward systems do not work always. Try initiating a loyalty program for your clients. There are several ways to do this. You can try one of below mentioned ideas to create a wonderful loyalty program.

  • Charge for VIP benefits: You can charge your customers for VIP benefits.
  • Points System: You can award points to your customer for their purchases and trade them for rewards.
  • Use a tier system: Provide a small reward after a specific number of deals and increase them over time.
  • Scratch offers: After a definite number of purchases, reward your customers with a scratch offer with worthy gifts.
  • Coalition Offer: Strike a deal with any related company and provide offers together.

Building loyal customers helps your business in several ways. It saves your money on constantly finding new customers ad marketing activities. And always remember, it is the little things that make a difference.

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