Customer Success March 2016 Monthly Roundup

This March the monthly roundup includes several great customer success articles. With topics such as how to grow using your customers and using sales automation to increase satisfaction, there is definitely loads of knowledge to be gained. There is even an article to help you understand the right profile of a good CSM and who you should recruit.


1. Inside Customer Success: Vend

Take a look at this exclusive interview with Monique Steele, Director of Customer Success at Vend, a retail POS software company that helps customers manage their businesses in the cloud. There is so much to be learned from other professionals in the field, especially by looking at different customer success structures and methods. Steele discusses her own unique methods including the “four pillars under the customer success umbrella,” and how she led her team to help their customers succeed.


2. Customer Success Management Comes of Age

“We’re in the age of the customer,” says Kate Leggett, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. “They are in the driver’s seat, and they hold the power.” This is a very powerful and  true statement. We live in a world where the customers can easily seek a better solution by simply choosing the competition.Lowers Support Costs by Removing 1 to 1 Reliance

Lower Support Costs by Removing 1 to 1 Reliance

3. It’s More of a Customer Obstacle Course Than a Journey

This article discusses the challenges many of us face in the customer success field. Continuously acquiring and maintaining customers is important, but also costly. Sebalis Davis talks about all the things we cannot control, along with the things we can. Making sure your policies are clear, and that the customer has a definitive understanding of the product are some of the tips Davis writes about in order to better navigate your customer’s journey.


4. CSM from the Trenches – My Purpose as a Customer Success Manager

Another great article by Sam Feil, ‎Customer Success Manager at ClientSuccess, from the series “CSM from the trenches”. He discusses fundamental topics such as defining goals for our customer success teams, understanding how to measure the team’s progress, and how to build long lasting relationships with customers.


5. Measuring Customer Health: A Guidance and Feedback System

It is hard to create a universal system that satisfies and speaks to each and every one of your customers. Kia Puhm tackles the issue of creating a customer success strategy that speaks to all your customers. One of her main points is to monitor and measure the health of your customers, as healthy customers are more efficient. Puhm goes on to discuss the importance of knowing which customers need help and how to address their problems for maximum customer success.


 6. Easy-to-Miss Customer Success Blunders That Can Cost You Customers

Among the many professional tips you can find in this article, the one I liked the most is that every CSM should put themselves in the customer’s shoes in order to find the weak points in the relationship. Remember that 89 % of consumers began doing business with a competitor after a poor customer experience.


7. Creating Customer Success through Sales Automation

Another very creative article I stumbled upon this month. The idea behind it is combining the tools of sales automation with the growing need for customer success. The author touches on the thin line between obtaining a customer and maintaining one. This article is definitely worth your time.

8. Your Starting Lineup: Four Personalities of Great Customer Success Managers

Before making your first hire for your CSM team, or when considering if someone is a good fit to join your success team, I highly recommend you read this article. It touches on the very basic characteristics required to lead a powerful team in order to retain customers and keep them happy.

9. How to Halve Your Customer Onboarding Process

What is an onboarded customer? The truth is that it is not that simple. We often look at customer onboarding in terms of getting them “up-and-running”. I would suggest that we look at it a bit differently. An onboarded customer is one who has achieved some level of value within the produce they are using. Read this article to examine our tips for onboarding success.




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