The Customer Success Conferences You Can’t Afford to Miss

2016 is halfway over, but there are plenty of customer success conferences throughout the Summer and Fall for those businesses looking to take their Customer and User Experience quality to the next level.

Leaders from some of the biggest household names are headlining these events along with many other progressive organizations and start-ups. No matter your field you are sure to meet peers from within your industry to network with at these customer success conferences. These conferences are also a great opportunity to draw cross-industry inspiration from the insights of large experienced companies and executives.

The following article is a curated list of three of the top events over the rest of 2016. Come out with your company to meet, network, and learn about customer success from top industry experts.

Hey, how are your churn rates?

1. Content Marketing World – September 6-9, Cleveland, OH

Many of the best and brightest content marketing managers in the world across leading industries will be gathering in Cleveland, Ohio to speak and host workshops. 225 companies and over 4000 attendees are expected to convene over three days.

Included are representatives from software giants such as Google and Microsoft, as well as other household names like GE, Dell, intel, IBM, and consultants from Deloitte. This is not a strictly tech marketing expo, however – reps from Lego, Kellogg’s and Linkedin show off the range of presenters. This is a premiere event you won’t want to miss.

For Star Wars fans, actor and entrepreneur Mark Hamill will even be in attendance to deliver a keynote speech.


2. Salesforce, Dreamforce – October 4-7, San Francisco, CA

The Premier Cloud-based CRM solution hosts this week-long customer success conferences across four hotels in the downtown San Francisco area. Literally every industry and theme are covered across more than 2,000 sessions. Salesforce is headlining with an all-star cast of sponsors such as Accenture and PWC. In addition to the daily Cloud Expos, there will be salesforce training sessions available.

If you want to take your team’s customer success to another level, Salesforce is one of the many customer success conferences that you should attend.


3. Inbound – November 8-11 Boston, MA

This is a huge event. Over 14,000 attendants last year. This will be four days of remarkable content and marketing presentation and an excellent opportunity to network both within and across your industry. Similar to Dreamforce there will be opportunities for pre -conference training and education sessions.

Past keynote speakers have included Ariana Huffington and Malcolm Gladwell. This year’s keynote speakers are still being finalized but are expected to be great as well.


All of these listed events have a past track record for engaging content, excellent organization, and inspirational keynote speakers.

Sure you can read articles online and learn tips and strategies that way, but there is also a reason that people go to live concerts when they could just be listening to the music in their car. And by the way many customer success conferences have concerts as part of their entertainment. The opportunity to network and learn at the same time can be the inspiration your company needs to grow.

Mark Silver is the Lead Author and Editor of SuccessFULL. SuccessFULL was created in order to be a spurce of news on the fascinating developing world of customer success. On SuccessFull, Mark shares his thoughts on customer success issues, with the hopes to foster a discussion and interaction with anyone interested. The goal of the blog is not to one-directionally publish information, but to create a full engagement between many voices, so that we can all learn from each other.