Customer Success Best of July 2016

This month’s roundup includes several great customer success articles that’ll help you increase your loyal customer base, including one of the best introductions to the world of customer success you’ll ever read, pro tips by one of the world’s leaders on CS, and a list of conferences you simply can’t miss.


Understanding Early Warning Systems for Customer Success

In this post, Guy Nirpaz explains the concept of early warning systems, breaking it down into four different parts: sensors, event detection, decision support, and customer engagement. This method helps identify and prevent upcoming churn, and helps companies retain long-lasting relationships with their customers.


Making SaaS sticky: Why Customer Success is The Industry’s New Linchpin

According to the Harvard Business Review, it is 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new client than it is to keep an existing one. With that in mind, this article lays out a simple yet unique method to bridge between customer success and the SaaS business model.


The Why, What and How of Customer Success

This article is a must for both veteran and beginner CSMs in SaaS companies. Paul Philip perfectly captures the attributes and potential of customer success in reoccurring revenue models, and explains how to achieve consistent retention in a clear and straightforward manner.


The Good Stuff on Customer Success You Should Be Reading

Lean back and grab your tablet because this list of good reads will keep you busy for a while. In his list, Matt McLaren recognizes some of the top authors on customer success and shares an extensive list of 28 sources for a plethora of information on everything related to CS.

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Customer Success Is Proving That The Customer Made The Right Decision To Do Business With You

This article by customer service expert Shep Hyken is practically customer success 101. The piece elaborates on the fundamental practices and concepts of customer success, allowing someone from any industry to understand this previously confusing field.


4 Reasons Why a CSM Should be an Early SaaS Startup Hire

Startups run on a tight budget. In the seed stage especially, every hire has to be essential and strategic. One role you rarely see in early stage strartups are customer success managers. In this lengthy article, Burke Adler explains the huge ROI you gain from hiring a CSM, and how that can surpass the importance of other traditional early-stage startup roles.


How Customer Success Will Succeed

Customer success meets competition. See how you can compare your own success vs. your market challengers and find a method to overcome their tactics. How will you succeed at getting customers to choose you over them?


The Customer Success Conferences You Can’t Afford to Miss

2016 is halfway over, but there are plenty of customer success conferences throughout the summer and fall for those businesses looking to take their customer care and user experience quality to the next level. Here’s a great list of events to put on your calendar.


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