Customer Success and the Tale about the Three Little Customers (And also – a weekly roundup)

Once upon a time there were three little customers. The first customer bought a SaaS product that had poor customer service experience. The second customer bought a SaaS product that had a very good customer service experience, but it wasn’t fitted to his needs. The third customer bought a SaaS product from a company that saw customer success as a way of life. One day came the big bad wolf (of course, I am talking about churn). He came to the first customer, and poof, he stopped using his product. The wolf came to the second customer and again, the customer stopped using his purchased product. Only the third customer stayed with his product. Not only that, the rest of the little customers joined him! And they all lived happily ever after.

Here is our weekly roundup! Be sure to read and follow.

4 Ways Customer Success Pays for Itself – and Then Some

Since it was introduced to the business world, customer success has proven itself to be one of the most powerful growth tools a company can hold, but what about the costs? Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré shows that it actually comes for free, well, almost. You would still have to ask your customer success manager for a celebration dinner every once in a while…


Ten Minutes to WOW. Now That’s Customer Success!

In the SaaS world, time is of the essence. Once you have “landed” a new client, Jodi Schechter explains, you have no time to waste! The race to prove your worthiness to your client has begun, and you need to get the Wow! factor, fast. Wow! is the moment where your buyer suddenly sees the benefit they get from using your product. If your clients won’t see the initial value of the product, fast, they will quickly become ex-clients.


Customer Success: Not Just for Farmers Anymore

Don’t be frightened by this article’s length – step by step, Mile Boysen demonstrate where and how we sometimes misunderstand “customer success”.

He shows that only by changing our way of thinking, we could really fulfil the true customer success objective, and understand that our product should focus on the customer needs, and not necessarily the ideas we had when we started our company.


Customer Success Intelligence. Don’t Fly Blind!

Another great piece by Jodi Schechter , uses a great avionic allegory by resembling the way a pilot uses his gauges and surveyors to the way you as a SaaS company should measure your customer success. Just like a pilot, a customer success managers need to trust their dashboard, with three simple M words written on it.

Transforming Customers into a Competitive Advantage

If you could go back in time to the 1970s and ask a man what would the future looks like, he would probably picture a cold metal world, where everything is mechanized and computerized. But as reality shows, personal touch and close relationship are no less important today. That is exactly the reason you should build a strong communication channel with them.

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