Creating Customer Value

The most successful businesses are those that have taken the time to create value for their customer base. Therefore, a successful marketing strategy should clearly and consistently articulate the value of a company’s solution/service/product with the context presented to both existing and potential customers. With that being said, the questions at hand for business owners when honing this type of strategy are the following:

  • What does value within customer context actually mean?
  • How do you define it properly and thoroughly?

There are actually six attributes of customer value that have been defined and accepted within the business community. They have been accepted and proven to be effective due to the fact that they have been defined from the perspective of the consumer. They are able to deliver insights that are quite valuable in regards to how to market, message and position your particular solutions/services/products.

The Six Attributes of Creating Customer Value

1. Completely Solve a Customer’s Problem

It is imperative to precisely define an opportunity, challenge or need of the customer in regards to you’re the solutions, products or services that your company addresses. You will also need to define the extent of which this is done, how it is done as well as how it is able to work in conjunction with other solutions. Never leave customers searching for additional information or with any shadow of a doubt.

2. Do Not Ever Waste the Consumer’s Time

Get right to the point. It is best to never force the customer into having doing things that you want or desire before obtaining the information that they need and/or want. It is imperative that you keep a customer’s process of buying takes center stage over the process of sales or marketing. If this is not adhered to, you will find potential clients venturing elsewhere for an experience that is more user friendly and void of hops for them to jump through. You want customer’s to spend an added amount of time on your company’s site so that they will increase their purchase, but there are other ways to accomplish this. Engaging content will provide you with this outcome, as long as all other processes keep in mind that their time is precious and they chose to visit you first.

3. Provide Exactly what is Wanted

The solution, product or service of your business should have flexible packaging that is in accordance to how consumers want to buy and not so much how you desire to sell. Make it expressly simple for your customers to simply buy what they want now. This will make them far more inclined to subsequently buy more solutions, products and/or services.

4. Deliver What is Wanted Where it is Wanted

Make sure that you clearly define to consumers how what you provide is able to deliver them value. Claims that are either vague or overtly broad when it comes to functionality and application never connect with the specific benefits, needs or requirements of customers. You need to be direct and explicitly clear as to how you will add value to their lives and eliminate any further issues or inconveniences. If a customer is left to guess, they will lean towards pessimism and doubt and seek out a business that can set their mind at ease with definition and clarity.

5. Supply Value When the Customer Wants It

Potential as well as existing customers are not unanimously ready or prepared to make purchases. Many are not looking to make immediate purchases either. More and more often, consumers are doing their homework and researching businesses and truly engaging in comparison shopping prior to making their purchases. With that being said, it is highly important to focus your marketing strategies and programs to a variety of time frames that your consumer base have for making purchases as well as assisting them in reaching that point.

6. Reduce Decision Amounts for Customers to Solve Their Problems

Consumers tend to make purchases in order to fill a need, pursue an opportunity or solve a problem more often than not. Offering to wide a variety of alternatives, options or choices only creates a more complicated buying experience for consumers. The decision to buy should be simple, while conveying a sense to the customers that within a few short clicks, their need is being fulfilled expressly. It is imperative that your business communicates with existing and potential customers within their context while avoiding unneeded and unwanted decisions and complications that will need to be made.

How to Utilize the Information as a Benefit to Your Business

Now that you have been thoroughly introduced to the six attribute for creating customer value to your current business marketing and strategy plans, the following will help you with how to utilize them. There is nothing difficult to implement, but the rewards of their incorporations are immeasurably profitable.

  • Consider all six of the attributes when revisiting or establishing your strategy plans for effective marketing. You need to keep in mind that you need a plan that will effectively connect with both existing as well as potential clientele.
  • The interpretations of the attributes are not set in stone. Consider just how you and your business would properly interpret them for your precise needs and circumstances. Also, be certain to discuss them in detail with whomever you have in charge of your SEO marketing campaign. These attributes definitely need to be incorporated and never ignored in that regard. (When shopping for an SEO Marketing firm, these attributes will be able to assist you in weeding through in order to find the proper fit for you. Any firm that cannot offer a strategy that considers and utilizes the six attributes is not the firm for you or your company).
  • A key component of being outside in is the defining and understanding of the customer value.


Creating customer value is one of the most important aspect for a business to become successful. Basically, place yourself into the perspective of the consumer. How would you want your experience to be? What do you look for when making or considering a purchase? What truly sells you on a company? As long as you keep the customer in mind, you add value and you guarantee sales and repetitive clientele.

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