Create a Burden Free Customer Adoption Process

What does it take to keep customers engaged and use your product long term? There are many marketing strategies that reel in customers and introduce them to your product. Creating an effective customer adoption process is necessary in order to succeed in the market and stand out from competitors. There are several key components needed to create an effective and burden free customer adoption process.


Customer Adoption Components

Product Awareness and Interest – It’s important that your customers are aware that your product exists. Use marketing material and creative strategies to expose your product. Note that repeated exposure and online presence, such as social media, are helpful in reaching a greater audience. After your product is presented it is time to develop customer interest and provide further information about the product that’s both accessible and user-friendly. Familiarize it with customers through instructional videos, tutorials, blogs, and websites.

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Product Evaluations and Trials

Provide a platform that allows your customers to evaluate your product and offer feedback. This opens the doors for communication between you and your customers as well as within customers and other professionals, which creates more dialogue about your product and how it compares to others while distinguishing it from competitors. Also, give the customer the opportunity for a trial period. This will better acquaint them with your product, offer first-hand experience and help with the customers’ decision-making.

Product Adoption and the 90/10 Rule – When the customer is ready to purchase your product, you need to ensure that this transaction is seamless, convenient, and simple. The payment and exchange of product should be clear to all parties and easily accessible. Once purchased, it’s crucial to monitor the customer’s usage and renewal from the start to ensure customer’s long-term success because according to the 90/10 Rule, if a customer is actively using the product within 90 days of purchase, then there is only a 10% probability that they will continue to use it in the future.

The key components in the customer adoption process will keep your company moving forward and working better. Let’s take a closer look at how we can incorporate this process in the professional setting.


Incorporating Customer Adoption Strategies Among Professionals


Create Product Excitement and Knowledge

Provide your team with the framework and timeline of your product from the beginning in a way that catches their attention and generates excitement. Incorporate them into the product process and communicate your goals using repeated exposure techniques to demonstrate how the product is beneficial for the individual and the professional association. A thorough product understanding and build up will help drive product success and contribute to the positive customer experience.


Simplify Processes and Team Reward

Ensure that the product, promotion, and procedures are clear and eliminate ambiguity to have organizational efficiency. Reward your team for their good work to give incentives for a stronger performance and increased sales.


Follow the key components and strategies of the customer adoption process to set you up for product success and establishing long-term relationships.






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