Six Considerations for Creating a Top-Notch Customer Success Team

With the dawn of the subscription software economy, Customer Success (CS) is still a relatively new field, and how it’s being defined and measured across companies varies greatly.  After launching and developing Customer Success teams at three different companies, I have learned what it takes to build a successful team. The most important qualities of

Getting Onboarding Right: Putting in Place the Foundation for Customer Success

Last week, the 2016 Customer Success Summit took place in San Francisco, getting customer success experts from all across the country under one roof, sharing insights and ideas. One of the most memorable talks at the conference during the Breakout Session was led by Emilia D’Anzica, VP of Customer Engagement at WalkMe. D’Anzica, a Totango

How Strong Customer Advocacy Can Turn Your Customer Success from Zero to Hero

Customer advocacy is one of the most important components in the world of marketing, and this is not an exaggeration. Here is an example of an exaggeration. Nickelback is the most important band in the history of Western Music. Just writing that made me shudder. Customer advocates are in charge of understanding their company’s customers.

7 Proven Customer Retention Strategies

The sales cycle is more demanding than ever – customer expectations are “through the roof” and they aren’t afraid to leave at a moment’s notice. This is especially the case in the software business, where software is increasingly shifting to the cloud. And because life-time customer value is so valuable, you can’t afford a decrease

5 Tried and Tested Tools to Improve Enterprise Software Onboarding & Adoption

* This article is part of a White Paper called “The Most Powerful Practices to Guarantee Customer Success in Enterprise Business Software.”   Customer success is evaluated in two stages: On-boarding and adoption. On-boarding creates the first impression and adoption is ‘key’ to generating desired results. The following list is a comprehensive compilation of software