What’s the Story? Customer Glory – This Week’s Top 5

The real problem many SAAS businesses encounter, when trying to implement and assimilate, is the “first step” problem. “Where do I start?” or “How to begin” are two of the most FAQ in the customer success profession. The real issue here is that customer success is a vast and fast-growing field, and many CEOs find

Still Product Centric? The Importance Becoming Customer-Centric to Your Company Mentality

Why Customer Success? Because doing the same thing and expect different results, in the words of Albert Einstein, is insanity. The market is changing fast and now, more than ever, SaaS businesses are transforming their whole way of thinking. Nowadays, the customer is taking center stage, and the product is in orbit. Just like the

Tired Looking for Customer Success Articles? The Best Ones are Here!

Is your company still product-centric (P.C)? That’s not good at all. When you are P.C, you are actually money-centric. This means that your top priority is earning more money, usually on the expense of your customers. You charge more for your product and spend less on customer services, tech support and other facilities, thinking that

How Customer Success Managers Can Tackle the “Churn Demons”

* This article is part of a White Paper called “How to Tackle the Top 5 Pain Points of Customer Success Managers.” Customer churn in the SaaS space is defined as the act of not renewing the subscription (and thus the association) with a particular application platform. In short a high churn rate indicates potential

Great Slideshare Presentation: If You Can’t Say It – Quote It!

One of the most powerful tools used in discussions and conversations is quotes. They help you prove and emphasize your points, while using the words of smarter, or “better known for their wisdom” people. Basically, quotes say better what you want to say (did someone say #customeradvocation?) Quotes can also be a great motivational factor,