Create a Burden Free Customer Adoption Process

What does it take to keep customers engaged and use your product long term? There are many marketing strategies that reel in customers and introduce them to your product. Creating an effective customer adoption process is necessary in order to succeed in the market and stand out from competitors. There are several key components needed

In The Right Place At The Right Time: Hiring For Customer Success

Recognition of the value of Customer Success is advancing rapidly, and this discipline requires a new breed of professionals. Yet until more candidates see that a career which includes Customer Success can be as fulfilling as one which emphasizes Finance or Marketing, we will see a gap between the number of openings and the number

6 Tips To Win at User Engagement from SaaS Experts

If you’ve taken the time to do your reading about SaaS, you’ll know that User Engagement is an essential part of the Customer Success Lifecycle. CEOs and Entrepreneurs have often lamented how business’ focus so much on acquiring new customers, that they forget they have paying customers on board who are consistently increasing their revenue