Carpool Karaoke – The Customer Success Edition

James Corden, FYI: This is what Carpool Karaoke should be like.  We go for a drive with Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta and Box CEO Aaron Levie through Palo Alto. Between ABBA tracks we listen in on their discussion on Customer Success, startups, and tips for planning an epic tech conference.

Time to Reduce Support Requests with a Simple Contextual Help System

This was beyond doubt the best 10 minutes of my work day. The video is entertaining, informative, and a great way to expand your Customer Success knowledge by learning from the best. One of the pearls of wisdom Levie shared, was that the fact every business is putting software in the middle is going to bring customer success center stage.

Both companies are well known for their customer success efforts and are cutting edge in the methods they use to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. CSMs, this is the video that you cannot afford to miss!

(PS Nick and Aaron: If you guys are reading this, the Dancing Queen duet was outstanding. You guys made me laugh until my sides hurt.)


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