5 Customer Success Articles You Just Can’t Afford to Miss!

While more and more SaaS companies and organization already integrated the customer success idea into their business DNA, many companies are still struggling to understand the full potential of the Customer Success power. I have gathered for you the top 5 must-read articles this week, so you could push your Customer Success Team to the

Creating Customer Value

The most successful businesses are those that have taken the time to create value for their customer base. Therefore, a successful marketing strategy should clearly and consistently articulate the value of a company’s solution/service/product with the context presented to both existing and potential customers. With that being said, the questions at hand for business owners

Video: Customers Can’t Get No Satisfaction?

“No satisfaction, no satisfaction, no satisfaction” shouts Mick Jagger to his peers. No matter what he does – he just can’t get it. And an unsatisfied customer is a soon to be ex-customer. In the 1965 Rolling Stones’ hit “Satisfaction” written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Mick Jagger sing about he’s unproductive and uncaring relationship

7 Back-Breaking Obstacles You Must Overcome to Ensure Customer Success in Enterprise Business Applications

* This article is part of a White Paper called “The Most Powerful Practices to Guarantee Customer Success in Enterprise Business Software.”  SaaS EAS customer success, as already defined, is the joint responsibility of the vendor and the business that has purchased the solution. Both entities make an investment of reputation, money and time in

5 Customer Success Metrics to Be Aware Of

When you want to grow your business, you should take a look at some available customer success metrics. These factors can help you improve your own business performance significantly. It is recommended that you use these metrics for analyzing your business performance regularly. Many successful business owners claim that they can achieve their success easily,

How Customer Success Managers Can Promote Renewals and Up Sells Successfully

* This article is part of a White Paper called “How to Tackle the Top 5 Pain Points of Customer Success Managers.” Renewals, cross-sells and up-sells all contribute to improve the total lifetime value of a customer. As already discussed, TLV is the most important metric when it comes to the long term success of

SaaS Customer Success Strategies that Really Work

With the maturity of a SaaS business, SaaS metrics become very important and valuable for SaaS customer success. For most SaaS businesses, the application of Saas metrics begins with tracking recurring revenue and customer acquisition costs (CACs). And with a customer base, churn must be given the priority it deserves. SaaS profit greatly depends on


This video from the Customer Success Summit 2015 offers many valuable insights to viewers about the future of customer engagement and success. In the video, Adele Sanchez, Director of Training and Support at Revinate, speaks about her experience with WalkMe’s onscreen guidance technology to better onboard users to their new UI. Revinate launched WalkMe in