Great Video: What Mulan Can Teach Us about Customer Success

Whenever someone was asking me: “Mark, what do you mean when you say you measure your customer’s success as your own?, I wasn’t really sure how I can provide a clear answer that will also drive people to act the same way. Simple answer like “customer satisfaction leads to greater customer loyalty” or “customer efficiency

Lessons Learned by Fortune 500 Enterprises who Have Suffered High Customer Attrition Rate

High Customer Attrition Rate is every CEO’s worst nightmare. Rampant customer attrition has been the kiss of death for so many companies. However, a bad situation can be remedied (or preemptively avoided!) by learning from the mistakes of some of the companies who have been hit the hardest by customer attrition. Microsoft vs. Mac If

The Anatomy of a Connected Customer

Many times I face the question “what makes Customer Success different from the other SaaS company departments”. The way I see it, is that unlike other professions, that are already well-defined and outlined, customer success cannot be chained to one specific field. And if you are customer-centric, it will always find a way to “invade”

Tired Looking for Customer Success Articles? The Best Ones are Here!

Is your company still product-centric (P.C)? That’s not good at all. When you are P.C, you are actually money-centric. This means that your top priority is earning more money, usually on the expense of your customers. You charge more for your product and spend less on customer services, tech support and other facilities, thinking that

How Customer Success Managers Can Tackle the “Churn Demons”

* This article is part of a White Paper called “How to Tackle the Top 5 Pain Points of Customer Success Managers.” Customer churn in the SaaS space is defined as the act of not renewing the subscription (and thus the association) with a particular application platform. In short a high churn rate indicates potential

Customer Success and the Tale about the Three Little Customers (And also – a weekly roundup)

Once upon a time there were three little customers. The first customer bought a SaaS product that had poor customer service experience. The second customer bought a SaaS product that had a very good customer service experience, but it wasn’t fitted to his needs. The third customer bought a SaaS product from a company that