April Fool’s Reminiscing: The Amazon Dash Button

Retaining your customers takes attention, creativity and most importantly – innovation. Without these key tactics retaining your customers may not be as easy, and without those loyal and dedicated customers, a company’s success may plummet. Customers enjoy feeling valued, and when companies go above and beyond in order to provide them with the best experience they are more likely to remain loyal.

Amazon realized that many Americans are counting on their shipments to restock their homes with items including coffee capsules, laundry powder or even water. So, they introduced the Amazon dash button. Amazon created an easy and convenient way to reorder the simple thing customers always need replenished. Just one click and the shipment is already on its way to the customer’s home so no one ever runs out of any item.

This amazing gadget is an exclusive feature for prime members. If that is not customer success I don’t know what is!

When this creative commercial was release, the product seemed so unreal that it was thought to be an April Fool’s joke, but it wasn’t. This misunderstanding attracted attention from the exclusive Amazon Prime members club, and now, the ongoing attention it receives from Amazon’s success team.

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