5 Customer Success Must-Reads This Week

In order to start 2016 with a bang, a customer success manager needs to be alert to the latest trends, upcoming conferences, and even the salary prediction for the upcoming year. This weekly roundup has all of the above and more, with 5 articles you have to read.


Putting the “Customer” Back into CRM – What to Expect in 2016

When you think customer lifecycle, you may automatically think CRM. To date, CRM technologies and the business processes that support it, have excelled at managing all the communications and engagements with a buyer leading up to the point of initial sale. But that’s not the whole lifecycle… This great post by Christine Sten reminds us the importance of having a more holistic lifecycle, putting the customer back in the center…


Customer Success: The Definitive Guide

Customer Success thought leader Lincoln Murphy updated his definitive guide to customer success, to fit the latest transformations in the field. This guide is a perfect way to start 2016, and catch up on the latest trends and guidelines to help us become the best customer care providers we can be.

Will Customer Success Managers Make More Money in 2016?

This Totango infographic shows us the evolution of our profession, by showing the salary differences of customer success managers between 2014 and 2015. It also shows just how immanent customer success in now, by showing the growth of customer success teams in the past year.


Kickstart Your Online Customer Success Program with These 6 Steps

Once you’ve decided to develop an online customer success program and hired the key personnel, the next step is creating the actual content.  This guide, by SchoolKeep, walks you through 6 important steps in creating a customer success training program online. These guidelines include tips in picking the right LMS, choosing the rights formats to present your content, and getting feedback from your employees.


2016 Customer Success and Training Conferences

Sandi Lin of the Skiiljar Blog compiled this useful list of customer success conference in 2016. This handy guide lists tens of conferences customer success managers should try to attend, from SuccessCon to the Hubspot Inbound, and also attach links to their websites to ease registration.







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