5 Customer Success Management Predictions for 2015

Customer success management is all about making conscious choices to actively manage customer relationships for the betterment of the company. After all, simply acquiring customers is not enough in today’s competitive world, it is necessary to know how to manage them well too so that they can be retained. In fact customer management is the next big thing that is creating waves in the business world. Those who understand how it works become hooked on applying the same to their businesses to reap the benefits while those who don’t desperately try to understand it in order to jump on the bandwagon and get their slice of the pie too!

Brands which do not adapt themselves to new trends that are in vogue are left behind and they suffer tremendously. Hence, it is more or less a ‘Do or die’ situation. However, human beings by nature are resistant to change, which is why it takes extra effort for them to embrace this trend of managing customers for the success of the firm. Nevertheless, the effort put in for this purpose is absolutely worthwhile. While you may falter along the way, keep in mind that it is a learning process and you will get better as you go along. To make things easier one should acquaint oneself with the predictions in customer success management for the upcoming year. This way, one would be able to perform better in the times to come because one would know what to expect.


5 Customer Success Management Predictions for 2015

#1: A new outlook on customers – they are meant for life! 

Gone are the days when sellers would simply lay out what they have manufactured and customers would have to buy them because they have no other choice. Today, owing to the cut-throat completion in the market, one company’s loss would be another’s gain, which is why companies simply cannot afford to lose their customers. The new motto is that customers are for life, therefore brands should strive to retain their customers for life by means of offering rewarding loyalty programs, irresistible offers, and so on.

Also, brands should strive to be more creative in order to stand out from the crowd. Building lifelong relationships with customers isn’t easy, especially when the interest phase is over. To make things easier, the company can focus on building in-person as well as online experiences. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to personalize one’s marketing efforts in order to engage the customers on a personal level.

#2: Having the records of all the customers in one place

In 2015, a single view of the customers is mostly likely going to dominate the scene. Thus, gathering of an integrated view of the customers is recommended because it enables one to have a contextual understanding of the relationship with a particular client throughout the timeline. In order for this to happen, it is necessary to store all the customer data in one place, be it online or offline. Physical interactions with the clients help in scoring extra brownie points. Smart organizations differentiate their brands by means of in-store experience. While online shopping may be all the rage, having retail locations is necessary too because sometimes the customer prefer to have a feel of the product before making the purchase.

#3: Better utilization of the internet

The internet is a treasure of opportunities for businesspeople, therefore it should be taken advantage of in order to facilitate exceptional customer experiences. It is expected that during the next year, the systems that are responsible for collecting bulk data output would also sync them with customer management platforms to integrate the data better. Thus, technology would be banked upon for the benefit of physical stores. In order to create a seamless customer experience, smart phone users are your best targets. Smart phone technology can facilitate contextual targeting, interactive content and so on, which makes the marketing and advertising endeavors even more fun.

#4: Customer Experience would be a top priority

It is believed that during the next year, companies would finally wake up to the fact that customer success is important. This will lead to companies generating employment opportunities for people in the society in the form of job positions for enhancing customer experience. Such job roles will span across various departments in the organization and certain job functions would overlap in case of the employees. For example: the content marketer and the merchandiser have more or less the same job function, i.e. they need to use everything in their knowledge to help the customer make a good purchasing decision.

During the upcoming year, companies will also be hiring more of Chief Experience Officers so that these professionals can analyze customer behavior in order to maintain strong lifelong relationships with loyal customers and to create brand consistency.

#5: Increased Use of Modern Methods for Analyzing

The year 2015 will witness the rise of modern and cutting edge methods in order to analyze interactions with customers and to measure demographic trends. Individual experiences aren’t the best way to proceed forward because they are large in number and it is not possible or practical to dig through them, which is why demographic trends are better. Having big data would make it easier to gauge the success of personal interactions. Using modern analytics is good because organizations would not just get the answers to their questions but they would also receive proactive recommendations.

Modern analytics allow the organizations to record more actionable data of the customers, which in turn would facilitate better customer service. Also, such actionable data would also enable marketers to create more effective campaigns that would focus on personalized experiences for each individual customer. After all, this would facilitate better business.

These predictions for 2015 should be taken note of because they work wonders for the business when followed. The task of staying ahead of the competition is tough, considering the level of cut-throat competition in the market. These predictions help individual companies to be on the right track when it comes to customer success management.

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